About Us

A global family passionately committed to use our pioneering spirit to deliver fun to the world. The Zouk Collective, a Caribbean Carnival consortium established to celebrate and lead our various communities in celebrating cultural diversity in the United States and abroad.  The Collective will offer local individuals and visitors alike a high quality cultural product that informs, educates and entertains. We are a carnival-focused, organization that will promote diversity and deliver innovative solutions to all people.

We intend to consistently outperform our peers while promoting the Caribbean culture through carnival and the various other related cultural events such as the parade of costumes, food, performances, entertainment and fundraising events.

The Collective will network with “the greater community” sharing our rich cultural traditions and heritage through cross-cultural connections aimed at providing the next generation with a model of inclusion that fosters commitment and service to their communities. We provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to unite with peers from vastly different backgrounds, sharing the ever-evolving Caribbean culture, promoting cultural exchange, building economic cooperation in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment while expressing our power as individuals.


Yes, we want you! The Zouk Collective invites all Zouk lovers from all over the world to join us and make this the best carnival organization.


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