The Zouk Collective Carnival Group (mas band) will showcase a presentation defined by tradition and time tested style of playing mas which will bring all masqueraders the excitement and uninhibited joy inspired by the vast diversity of cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities. The Zouk Collective Carnival Group produces mas and entertainment that involve the participation of the whole community, incredible presentations engineered to open eyes, minds, broaden horizons, a shock & awe display involving many sectors of the community while creating, incredible and spectacular experiences. We will amaze our spectators with a multitude of unique colors representing the beauty and brilliance found only in our ability to capture the Caribbean essence amassed in our hearts and minds culminating in an infectious display of energy, splendor and wonderment that speaks of the true essence of carnival found only in Caribbean. We promise through our commitment, Creole essence to provide the ultimate Caribbean carnival experience to all stakeholders, masqueraders and other patrons. We offer you the prospect of fulfilling your fantasies, a great carnival experience participation in the vaunted annual Miami-Broward One Carnival. You are invited to come with us and discover our new Creole world.

After this text We would like you to put the example costumes and their prices similar to how you have them now but we have template that we would like you to replicate if possible. I have provided an example in the links below. The front will show the costume then when they are clicked on they will go to a page describing the costume and show more angles of the costume.

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    Amazon Kingfisher (Orange & black)

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